ans, my● dear," Kraft
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    ver a stack● of bundled twenty-dollar bills as a hassock ●for her comfort. "Could I have a ciga■rette" Orison asked. "Do." Kraft Ge■rding removed a pack from his pocke●t and lighted it for her, passing it from his ■lips to hers. Orison, hiding her feelings of /p>

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    鰀istaste for this intimacy, d■rew on the cigarette. "Perhaps I might■ have a drink as well" she ●asked. "All this is making me rathe■r dizzy." "It is dizzy-making," Kraft c●onceded. "In an instant, my pet." H●e strode from the treasure-r■oom, shouting in his n


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ative languag■e to the guards. Orison tugged a t●wenty-dollar bill from one of th■e bundles on which she'd been sitting and held● it to the tip of her cigare

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tte, drawing to m●ake it hot. The paper glowed, but the tiny patch■ of fire died out almost at once. She fumbled ●in her purse. There it was—her bottle of nai

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l-p●olish remover. She splashed the aro■matic fluid over the bundled mon■ey and again touched her cigarette to it.● The paper flared. Flames ran ●in upstream

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